Comprehensive API Monitoring with Insights from the Last 6 Hours

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with the community a powerful tool that has been instrumental in monitoring the performance of APIs related to the TON blockchain. The website provides a real-time dashboard powered by Grafana that showcases the status of all TON-related APIs, with data updated every 5 minutes.

In the last six hours, here are some critical insights:

API Uptime

  • dton: 100.00%
  • 49.90%
  • orbs http-api: 99.72%
  • public liteservers: 1.74%
  • tonapi: 100.00%
  • v2: 100.00%
  • v3: 99.93%
  • tonhub: 100.00%

Service Availability

  • The service availability section provides a bar graph indicating the status over time, with green representing available and red indicating downtime.

Indexing Latency

  • Latencies ranged from 475 ms to 2 min, as seen in the bar chart. This metric is crucial for applications that rely on up-to-date blockchain data.

Get Account Balance Latency

  • This performance metric shows response times as low as 9.50 ms and as high as 10 seconds, which is critical for services requiring real-time balance information.

Here’s a brief tabular summary of the most crucial points:

API Service Uptime Indexing Latency (ms) Account Balance Latency (ms)
dton 100.00% 475 - 120,000 9.50 - 10,000 49.90% – –
orbs http-api 99.72% – –
public liteservers 1.74% – –
tonapi 100.00% – – v2 100.00% – – v3 99.93% – –
tonhub 100.00% – –

The reliability of the dton, tonapi, v2, and tonhub APIs has been impressive, maintaining 100% uptime. However, and public liteservers have shown significant instability, which may require attention from their respective teams. provides an invaluable service to developers, investors, and enthusiasts who need to keep a close eye on the infrastructure supporting TON blockchain operations. By utilizing Grafana dashboards, brings a level of transparency and accountability that is vital for decentralized technologies.

Feel free to explore the dashboard for more detailed information and to make informed decisions based on the performance of these APIs.

Stay tuned for further updates and discussions.

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