Comparative Analysis of Mining Yields for GRAM on Pools

Author: Crypto Miner Pro
Date: February 11, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency mining, the TON Blockchain (The Open Network) has garnered significant attention with its native currency, GRAM. Presently, two mining pools are predominantly used for mining GRAM: the official with 0% commission and the unofficial with a 50% commission.

Given the divergence of opinions in various chat forums, possibly due to measurements taken at different times and with different equipment, a live comparison of the profitability of the two pools was conducted. The results are presented in this technical forum post, aimed at providing a detailed and professional insight into the mining yields of GRAM on the TON Blockchain.


  1. Rental of Identical Hardware: Two identical RTX 4090 graphics cards were rented from the same location (RO) through the service (referral link).

  1. Simultaneous Mining: Mining was initiated on both cards simultaneously, with a margin of error of 1 second. The measurement lasted for one hour.

  1. Results After One Hour:

    Pool Yield (GRAM) 44.22 20.49


  • The yields align with the stated commission rates and current profitability.
  • The TonNinja pool updates the balance less frequently, likely due to data refresh every 15 minutes.
  • The pool provided almost instantaneous updates, refreshing data after each found share.


The comparison reveals a significant difference in mining yields between the official and unofficial pools, with the official offering a notably higher return due to its 0% commission. This analysis serves as a valuable resource for miners looking to optimize their GRAM mining operations on the TON Blockchain.

This post aims to contribute to the ongoing discussions in the TON Blockchain community and provide a clear, data-driven perspective on the profitability of GRAM mining. Your feedback and further insights are welcomed in the comments section below. :rocket: