CoinPUPS by BlockBooster & BladeGame

Project Name

Website (team website)

Project Twitter/X

TG channel

Metrics of Success

  1. 50K DAU for the first 1 month followed by 20-30% growth in the first 2 month and can be doubled monthly basis

  2. 200K number of connected wallet for the first 1 month and aggressively doubled by second month

  3. 30K followers on twitter

  4. 50K total subscription on Telegram announcement channel and 30% of it are non premium tg users

  5. Frequent high-level development

Current traction
Game is under development and aim to launch in 2 weeks, no current traction.


Telegram Handle

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Project Description
CoinPUPS is a meme-based clicking game in telegram set to launch in early July. The team comes from a VC-backed game studio called Blade Games having raised $2.4mm from PTC Crypto, Animoca Ventures, Signum Capital, IOSG ventures and a few other reputable funds in the space (can be disclosed if required). We aim to reward players with meme tokens such as SHIB, BONK and will collaborate with leading infrastructure projects such as 0G Labs on token airdrops. TGE is set to be in mid August to mid September.

Primary Goals:

  1. Create an engaging casual game that attracts a large user base with large cap meme tokens as incentives.

  2. Integrate blockchain features for transparency, security, and potentially rewarding users with cryptocurrency.

  3. Use the TON blockchain for in-game transactions, ensuring fast and low-cost operations.

Token Launch Strategy

We plan to use in-game purchases of speed-up bundles and gacha boxes to gain more in-game currencies. More currency the players hold, the more potential meme coins they can get through each batch of activities.

Token incentives are available from Blade Games, 0G Labs and a few more key infrastructure projects. We will also do cross-promotion with Catizen and

TGE is set to be in late August or mid September. We are connected with exchanges such as Bybit, Bitget and ForesightX is also one of the team’s investors.

Value for Users
Users will be rewarded in the following ways:

  • Large cap memecoins such as SHIB, BONK, Ton Inu, Ton Doge if they reach certain levels and invite friends
  • Airdrop events with Blade Games, 0G Labs, and potentially with Orbiter Finance. More infra project token rewards will be added
  • Cash rewards for inviting users to play and engage with the game
  • Raffle rewards with various game projects on TON

Product MVP
Telegram: Contact @iiiSosBot

Team Background
It is the BladeGames and BlockBooster team building CoinPUPs.
Blade Games is an on-chain game infrastructure provider based on zkVM tech and is backed by PTC crypto, IOSG Ventures, Animoca Ventures, Mask Network and others. BlockBooster is a leading venture studio based in Hong Kong with their latest lead investor being OKX ventures.
The team comes from companies such as Netease, Tencent, Dell and Matrixport.

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