cNFT - community outreach

We are excited to introduce a new standard on The TON Blockchain for non-fungible tokens (NFT) - compressed NFT (cNFT). This innovative technology enables the reduction of digital asset file sizes while maintaining their uniqueness and indivisibility.

With cNFT, artists, designers and other creative professions can create digital assets that take up less space, but still retain all the benefits of NFT, such as authenticity, security and attestation of ownership.

We invite you to join us in supporting this new technology and be part of a movement that will change the way we interact with digital assets. We encourage all artists, designers, and other members of the creative professions to consider cNFT to optimize the file size of their works and improve their accessibility.

More: Understanding Compressed NFTs on The TON Blockchain
White page: Compressed NFT Standard by krigga · Pull Request #126 · ton-blockchain/TEPs · GitHub
Contact: @oocovo - telegram | on tune 24/7