Chick Coop - First game on Farming Universe on Ton Blockchain

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Chick Coop

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Channel: Telegram: Contact @chickcoop_announcement
Group: Telegram: Contact @chickcoop_chat

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  1. UAW (unique active wallets): 18,128 active users in fist 12 hours from officially launched
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Chicken Coop telegram channel was newly established on May 2, 2024, currently reaching 175k subscribers, the growth rate of subscribers in the last 3 days reached nearly 150k.

Chick Coop Game bot officially launched at 8:50pm UTC on May 21, 2024, within 12 hours it reached 18k Active Users.

With the above growth figures, I believe that despite its young age and recent launch, Chick Coop deserves to participate in The Open League and will be a strong contender for high-ranking positions on the leaderboard.
It will also bring a fresh breeze, excitement, and strong competition between new and old projects in the Ton Blockchain ecosystem.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. From Chick Coop with love.

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