Cheques Corp. | First app to mint Telegram messages | cNFT drops to introduce normies into the technology of owning something on the blockchain

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Cheques Corp.

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We don’t need one.

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Same, we are Telegram native.

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  1. – More than 200,000 users are holders of $QUE Coin. We are still centralized but are looking forward to Jetton minting.

  2. – This Telegram bot allows users to mint Telegram messages and post them as NFTs on the TON Blockchain. Almost 5,000 NFTs have been minted so far.

  3. – A game for crypto users. More than 400,000 users have participated and are still in the game. Soon, we will introduce the second phase, allowing players to interact with blockchain transactions.

  4. Postmark NFT Collection on Pearls – We collaborate with artists to drop their art on the Pearls Platform.

Soon, we will release at least four more Postmark collections. Our goal is to drop them every 1-2 weeks, each featuring a different artist from other blockchains.

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Anya Markina

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Also we will launch another social game with NFTs in May. We estimate to attract at least 1M TG users.

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