$cavi — caviar coin


$CAVI — utility token of the TON Frogs project @tonfrogs

Fairlaunch (28%)
DEXs listing (15.12%)
DEX and CEX listing (12.6%)
Boosting pool and rewards (2%)
Staking (22%)
Team (10.08%)
Marketing (6.2%)
Fund (4%)
team tokens are locked on the vesting contract (Ton Raffles)

Basic information and the project roadmap can be found on the official website :frowning:NFT Collection TON FROGS)
–Payment for using crosschain bridge in $CAVI (or TON) token and token staking
–Creating a store and selling goods for the $CAVI token

DYOR $CAVI Курс CAVIAR COIN - Графики, цена, рыночная капитализация | DYOR

geckoterminal $CAVI on DeX Ston

geckoterminal $CAVI on DeX DeDust

$CAVI – EQD6W0raB1aGCr86pWd7-oWpA3QW2VXCJ9smlYcChkIhflt2


Telegram: Contact @CaviarCoin – ru
Telegram: Contact @CaviarCoins –en

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1 - TVL on DEXs > $ 359 905,47

2 - FDV > $ 1 047 699,72

3 - Unique token holders - 1162

4 - LP tokens - Ton Raffles

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Congrats on being approved to join The Open League Season. We hope to see your good performance and fair competition!

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