Catizen ONE PAGE 👋 [Latest Updated by May 8th, 2024]

:cat: MEOW, Catizens :cat:

Catizens, WELCOME!:wave: We’ll use this forum to continuously update you on our milestones, developments, developments, and Catizens MUST-KNOW!"

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What is Catizen? We will > We are > We were :muscle:

Catizen OPEN Beta Version Officially Launched on March 19th, 2024.

Catizen was …

:paw_prints: We were a gaming bot on Telegram (that was in March, 2024)

  • 500k In-Game Players in 3 days after Game Launch → Meow
  • Seed Round Announcement Made! → Meow
  • 1 Million In-Game Players ; 78k on-chain Users by the first week → Meow

:paw_prints: We were a GameFi MiniApp on TON Ecosystem (oh, that was in April, 2024)

Catizen is …

:paw_prints: We are Launchpool Platform

Catizen will / will be…

  • Nearly 20 upcoming mini-games in pipeline to integrate with Web3 features and launch via Catizen.

  • $Cati Token Listing & Airdrop (LFG🚀)

  • More deeply integrate features of Pinduoduo/TEMU into Catizen → incorporating various business streams such as task centers, short dramas, and e-commerce platforms

    • :point_up_2: If you haven’t check our narratives, the interview of our CEO covered our overall core concepts, HERE YOU GO! )

More updates… :point_down:

oh, Darling. remember i wrote this by May 2024, the most updated/detailed info is in the comment below :eyes: or Catizen Telegram Announcement , MEOWWW!

Wrote by May 8, 2024
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Create a Pipeline to work with smart contracts - Lesson 5 Chatbot Smart Contract Testing, OK.


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