Cakon - One-stop Web3 game launch platform based on TON

:gem: What is CAKON?

CAKON is a decentralized Web3 game launch platform based on the TON blockchain. aims to transition traditional Web2 game players to the TON ecosystem through Telegram Mini Apps (TMA), enabling Telegram’s 900 million users to seamlessly interact with games.

Games released by will enhance the overall TON basic applications and DeFi landscape, facilitating secure communication and interaction between DAPPs and Telegram Mini Apps with TON Connect 2.0.

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The CAKON application is a game platform deployed on the TON blockchain, utilizing TON Connect 2.0 to operate Telegram Mini Apps (TMA). It offers players a seamless gaming experience and encourages them to earn rewards.

Compared to traditional Web2 game applications, the CAKON app makes it easier for players to get started with the game. Players can begin their gaming experience without having to manage in-game assets themselves. As players’ understanding of the protocol deepens, they have the option to establish their own wallets, maintaining complete control over their assets at all times.

When introducing individuals unfamiliar with the crypto world, we are committed to minimizing barriers in the adoption process as much as possible. By reducing the entry threshold and complexity, we aim to promote the spread and adoption of the game.

:video_game: TOKEN OF TOKEN

“TOKEN OF TOKEN” is the first instant-play, earn-as-you-play intellectual challenge game launched by the Cakon platform!

Players need to eliminate the TOKEN icons on the field by moving them into the slots in the order of stacking (three identical icons can be eliminated). The game is won when all the icons on the field are cleared, and players receive rewards. If the slots are filled up without clearing the field, the game is lost.

:parachute: Game Reward

1.Participation Reward
2.Team Rewards
3.Leaderboard Rewards
4.Invitation Rewards
5.Community Contribution Rewards
6.Special Event Rewards
7.Achievement Rewards


CAKON TOKEN is the native token of the entire ecosystem, designed to serve as the access, interaction, and governance token within the ecosystem, providing value to players and partners participating in the ecosystem.

The purpose of CAKON TOKEN is to support various games on the platform and decentralize ownership to token holders.

Total Supply of CAKON TOKEN: To be determined.

The functions of CAKON TOKEN include:
1.Participation Rewards
2.Achievement Rewards
3.Team Rewards
4.Invitation Rewards
5.Community Contribution Rewards
6.Special Event Rewards

:earth_asia: Contact us

TG Bot: Telegram: Contact @CakonBot
TG Handle: Telegram: Contact @Cakonio
TG Community:Telegram: Contact @CakonGlobal

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