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Bitcoin on TON

Bitcoin NFT / Bitcoin chain in TON

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Satoshi Durov

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BTC Token on the TON Blockchain by Pavel Durov: An Introduction to Innovation

BTC, a token based on the TON blockchain, represents an interesting phenomenon in the world of cryptocurrencies. Created by the Telegram team, the TON blockchain by Pavel Durov promised fast transactions and high security due to its structure.

This token, although named after the well-known cryptocurrency, is a separate asset created on the TON infrastructure. While the original Bitcoin operates on the Bitcoin blockchain, BTC on the TON blockchain offers an alternative to Telegram’s own network.

Can BTC on the TON blockchain outperform real Bitcoin? This question remains open. Perhaps, thanks to its features and integration with Telegram, BTC on the TON blockchain will find its user and become preferred in some cryptocurrency use cases. However, real Bitcoin, as the first and most popular cryptocurrency asset, enjoys broad support and recognition, which could be a significant hurdle to potential overtaking.






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