Billion Gems [$BLN Coin] Decentralized Entertainment WEB3 World

:gem: Billion Gems
Welcome to the WEB3 Entertainment World of the Billion Gems!

:gem: What is The Billion Gems?

Billion Gems is the №1 WEB3 Entertainment World on Telegram, where you can create and promote your profile in various rating categories, receive donations, create NFT collections, build teams, farm coins, and compete with opponents in Battle Games. We are building a large project community, investment tools on the TON Blockchain, establishing transparent monetization, and engaging gameplay mechanics to ensure that games and the entertainment segment bring not only joy but also benefits to all holders of the $BLN token.

Our group of companies has been developing Fintech and GameFi products for over 10 years. Our portfolio includes FinTech products and dozens of exciting games with a million-strong audience. We believe in TON as much as we once believed in BTC and have been successfully investing in it since 2012, so we will make a significant contribution to the development of the TON Blockchain.

:world_map: Roadmap

3 exciting Phases of the Billion Gems development are waiting for you:

:trophy: Billion Mania .

:gem: Billion Gems main platform infrastructure

:coin: BLN Coin.

Phase №1

:trophy: Billion Mania

:trophy: Billion Mania is the first WEB3 Race for Hype in the World on The TON Blockchain, in which all people on our Planet can take part. Who will be the most popular? Or the richest in the World? Who will come out on top? Maybe Elon Musk, Drake, Morgenshtern, Mellstroy or you? :thinking:

You will be able to compete on a par with popular bloggers, streamers, artists, stand-up comedians, businessmen and popular projects. Promote yourself, your business, startups, blogs, music, films, videos in the Billionverse.

One Million people and projects will go down in history, leaving their mark on the Billionverse crypto space!

This will be a historic moment for everyone who uses cryptocurrencies, and especially for the development of the TON Blockchain ecosystem.

Billion Mania is a community project - a project that will become the foundation in the infrastructure of our future projects.

With Billion Mania, we will create Billionverse within our entertaining WEB3 World of Billion Gems.

:white_check_mark: Our goals

:white_check_mark: Our main goal is not only to attract the maximum audience to our project but also to enable TON Blockchain to attract the attention of even more new investors beyond Telegram and the TON ecosystem. In our plans, we aim to develop not only entertaining and competitive content within the Billion Gems project but also to implement additional projects to scale the TON ecosystem.

We have all the resources and knowledge for this.

:star: Unique approach

:thinking: What is our unique approach?

In Billion Gems, there’s no need to rush and form teams right away… First of all we’ll create value and a community, then we’ll provide infrastructure with maximum distribution.

Thanks to our unique approach, the Billion Gems Coin ($BLN) will be one of the most decentralized and distributed tokens on the TON Blockchain. We could have gone the traditional route and done a Fairlaunch, but we want to demonstrate that a project should first learn to earn and showcase a transparent financial model, and secondly, it should protect its investors and holders by having liquidity and a highly engaged community.

:muscle: We have a strong team, solid partners, and investors behind us.

We are building a long-term business, not playing games.

:wink: Are you with us?

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Большой проект, надо покупать карточки за которые в будущем будут давать нфтишки и токены
Хорошая игрушка, тапать надо только по началу, дальше автобот работает каждые 3 часа
Успевайте залететь на запуске проекта

Большой проект, обещают дроп и листинг
Тапалка, много времени не займет
Проект сделал коллабу с catizen, в то же время про catizen говорили на выступлении Павла Дурова на token2049, я бы советовал приглядеться к этой игре

Большая игра 3.500.000 юзеров
Все большие блогеры залетели в эту игру и форсят ее по максимуму
Проект обещает вкусный дроп, советую залететь

Популярная игра в данным момент в проекте учавствуют 10.812.353 user
Советую залететь с двух ног прямо сейчас, скоро проект будет выдавать дроп, пока есть время тапайте по экрану!

Блюм, надирает обороты, запустился недавно. Обещают сладкий дроп, рекомендую залететь с двух ног

Коты, перспективный проект продвигался на выступлении Павла Дурова token2049
Обещают дроп 35% от всех токенов, рекомендую залететь прямо сейчас

If people have to pay 1ton for participating in airdrop! And you are asking 1M people for the First round, which means 1M of ton toke for you for free! Do you find everyone so crazy?

We are a fundamental project and build marketing based on the roadmap and strategy described in the documentation. You may not take part in the project and not familiarize yourself with the project documentation if you consider it necessary.

We are confident in what we are doing and strongly recommend that everyone start reading project documentation, rather than buying memes and losing hundreds and thousands of TON on it.

We will be happy to help you understand the project and will soon provide extensive information about the project and our development.
We will be glad if in the future you change your point of view on our project for the better.
We assure you, we will not let you down! :handshake:

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