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In the first stage, with the introduction and entry of each person, the participant will be able to connect with 2 people in the program, the more people who are introduced, the more the ability to connect with people in the program, and if the number is higher than a specified number, the prize will be awarded to the whole group, the next activity By paying any amount in the group account, you will enter the new phase of group transactions, and you will play the games inside the Telegram program as a group, and you will all get benefits from this joint action. Also, with the integration of people, the number of program and Telegram audiences will increase unbelievably. Of course, this plan has many other aspects that cause the increasing growth for the participants and the entry of people and their capitals. # Your name

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45٪ - پیش فروش
27٪ - نقدینگی DEX
18٪ - تقویت کننده برای استخرها، بازاریابی و نقدینگی CEX
10٪ - پاداش تیم و جامعه.

نقشه راه:
پیش فروش (+)
راه اندازی Big coin
استخرهای Stonfi و Dedust (+)
کمپین جایزه

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