Bankcoin-First Web3 Neobank on Ton, The Open League Application


Bankcoin is pioneering the fusion of Web3 gaming and decentralized finance, offering users an immersive experience of running their own digital bank on the Ton blockchain.

What is Bankcoin?

Bankcoin is the first Web3 Gaming Bank on the Ton blockchain, offering a unique blend of gaming and decentralized finance. It allows users to manage their own digital bank, earning various cryptocurrencies such as $not, $cati, and more. By participating in the game, users can collect and earn $usdt, $ton, and even $btc.

As users engage with Bankcoin, we will unlock advanced features such as bank accounts and staking to earn, as well as a bank card for payments, diving into a realistic financial world within the Ton space. This innovative approach not only entertains but also educates users about the intricacies of digital banking and decentralized finance.

What are the main benefits of Bankcoin?

  • Engaging Gameplay with Real Financial Rewards: Users can manage savings and lending operations within the game to earn Bankcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The gameplay is designed to mimic real financial activities, providing an educational and rewarding experience.

  • Diverse Earnings: Beyond the in-game currency, users can earn assets from other notable projects, maximizing their returns through strategic management of their digital bank.

  • Future Financial Services: Bankcoin is set to introduce asset management, interest-bearing deposits, staking and lending, and a bank card feature, transforming it into a comprehensive digital banking service on the Ton blockchain.

  • Real Financial Value: Bankcoin isn’t just a game; it’s a gateway to genuine financial technology value. The upcoming features like Ton Yu’ebao, Web3 financial accounts, and the bank card will position Bankcoin as the leading financial application on the Ton network.

  • Experienced Team: The Bankcoin team comprises experts from OKX, Capital One, WeChat Pay, Harvard, and Stanford, bringing over a decade of fintech experience. Backed by leading global fintech companies and investment institutions, the team is dedicated to revolutionizing digital banking and payments.

Why Bankcoin?

  • Innovative Integration: Combining the thrill of gaming with the practicality of digital banking, Bankcoin offers a unique platform for users to experience and benefit from the world of Web3 finance.

  • High Returns Potential: As users move beyond initial game-based earnings, they will seek higher returns through Ton-based investments, with Bankcoin positioned to facilitate these opportunities and generate significant returns for users.

  • Comprehensive Financial Services: With features like asset management, staking, and a bank card, Bankcoin provides a full spectrum of financial services, making it a versatile and valuable platform for users and investors alike.

Team and Expertise

Our team hails from prestigious organizations such as OKX, Capital One, WeChat Pay, Harvard, and Stanford. With deep expertise in Web3 DeFi, payments, and neobanking, we have consistently led the industry in digital banking and payment solutions. Backed by leading global fintech groups and investment institutions, Bankcoin is set to redefine the digital banking landscape on the Ton blockchain.

Join Us on This Journey

Embark on a new decentralized finance journey with Bankcoin on the Ton space. Experience the future of digital banking and earn money as you play. Go with us!