Awesome TON (The Open Network)

Awesome TON (The Open Network)

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Welcome to Awesome TON - a carefully curated compendium of standout libraries, tools, services, protocols, and smart contracts associated with the TON ecosystem.

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This section includes a variety of handy utilities that assist with different tasks within the TON ecosystem, from user-friendly address generation to instant notification services. These tools are meant to enhance your experience while interacting with The Open Network.

  • - Key Metrics of TON Ecosystem.
  • Tonutils Proxy - This tool provides a user-friendly implementation of the TON Proxy. It simplifies the tasks of managing and interacting with the TON network.
  • vaniton - A vanity address generator designed specifically for The Open Networkโ€™s standard wallets. This tool allows users to create unique, personalized addresses for their wallets.
  • custon - A user-friendly generator of custom TON wallet addresses. This utility is written in JavaScript, providing easy access and manipulation for developers.
  • TON Grafana - A powerful tool that provides blockchain metrics for TON. It offers visualizations and analytics for tracking and managing blockchain data.
  • TON Notify Bot - This Telegram bot provides instant notifications about coin transfers of the TON addresses. Stay informed about your transactions in real-time with this handy tool.
  • Blockchain Network Visualizer - Draft tool for visualizing TON blockchain network, written in Python. It provides a visual representation of the contracts and transfers between them. Contributions are welcome.
  • Anonymous Numbers Market Analytics - Telegram bot that disseminates statistical data on the Anonymous Telegram Numbers from Fragment market.

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Contributing to Awesome-TON

  1. Decide on the changes you want to make in the awesome-ton list.
  2. Press . on the awesome-ton page to open the online editor (VSCode).
  3. Make changes, describe them, and submit a commit as a Pull Request.
  4. Congratulations, youโ€™re now a contributor to TON! :sunglasses:

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