Autonomous Staking Manager for TON (ASM-TON)

An autonomous agent for TON staking management that uses smart algorithms to optimize the distribution of tokens and maximize returns for investors. The agent operates as a smart contract on the TON blockchain, allowing users to easily manage their investments and monitor their staking statistics. The agent’s decision-making processes are transparent and decentralized, ensuring fair and secure management of staked assets.

I am looking for investments, we create solutions based on AI, we see prospects in this project, as in a decision support system. Message me please - @oocovo (tg)


Product Roadmap for Autonomous Agent for TON Staking Management

Phase 1: Project planning and conceptualization (closed)

  • Define project goals and objectives
  • Identify key stakeholders and target market
  • Develop a high-level product concept
  • Conduct feasibility study and market research
  • Develop a project plan and timeline

Phase 2: Design and Development (50% closed)

  • Define technical requirements and specifications (closed)
  • Design the smart contract architecture and algorithms (closed)
  • Develop the autonomous agent using AI and smart contract technology (closed)
  • Integrate with TON blockchain and testing environment
  • Conduct unit testing and security audits

Phase 3: Deployment and Launch

  • Deploy the autonomous agent on the TON blockchain
  • Develop and launch a user-friendly interface for investment management
  • Conduct beta testing with select users
  • Launch marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Officially launch the product to the public

Phase 4: Operations and Maintenance

  • Monitor the performance of the autonomous agent and staking statistics
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support
  • Implement regular security audits and updates
  • Continuously improve the product based on user feedback and market trends

Phase 5: Growth and Expansion

  • Explore new partnerships and investment opportunities
  • Expand the product offering to support additional blockchain networks
  • Develop new features and capabilities based on user needs and market demand
  • Scale the product to support a larger user base and increase market share.

For investments and further discussions, please reach me at @oocovo (tg)

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An AI consultant for staking, such as Joe Claimec (our solution), helps users maximize their profits and manage their resources effectively. By utilizing advanced algorithms and smart contract technology, Joe Claimec can automatically stake and unstake tokens, optimize yields, and make data-driven investment decisions. This allows users to save time and effort while earning passive income from their crypto assets. With Joe Claimec, users can take advantage of the growing trend of staking and decentralized finance, while minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

The application is designed for individuals and organizations who actively stake a significant amount of tokens and coins on The Open Network (TON). This includes:

  1. Cryptocurrency investors seeking to manage and maximize their staking rewards.
  2. Staking service providers who need an efficient way to manage multiple staking accounts.
  3. Delegators who want to track their staking performance and easily redelegate tokens.
  4. Crypto enthusiasts looking to participate in the TON network’s governance and consensus mechanism.