Animals Red List NFT collection

  • Project’s Name: Animals Red List (ARL)
  • Project’s Website:
  • Project’s Twitter:
  • Project’s Telegram channel/group: Telegram: Contact @arlmain (@arlmain)
  • NFT Collection Name: Animals Red List
  • NFT Collection Details
    • Total Number of NFTs: 13333 NFTs
    • Number of Unique Holders: 3047
    • Total Trading Volume in TON: 936000 TON
  • Attach the link to a Google Doc that describes your NFT collection’s current traction, including:
    • Number of Unique Holders
    • Total Trading Volume in TON
    • Any additional metrics (e.g., floor price, highest sale, etc.)


Please include the proofs of this traction.

Getgems LINK: Animals Red List

  • Please provide a smart contract address for tracking during The Open League Season 4. : EQAA1yvDaDwEK5vHGOXRdtS2MbOVd1-TNy01L1S_t2HF4oLu
  • Your name: Sergei Romanov
  • Your Telegram handle: Telegram: Contact @romanovsv

Every NFT is an animal from the red book - All 13,333 NFTs were drawn manually without the use of artificial intelligence or generative methods.

Mass Media about us:

Discord: Biom | Animals Red List

  • By submitting the form, I confirm that the data I provided is correct and I fully understand that in case of the contrary, my project will be permanently eliminated from The Open League.

A cool collection and the idea itself! Probably the only collection on TON for real collectors! Waiting for the game😉

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Best of art collection! ARL got a best idea for project, all nft is a real animal from Red List. All nft was draw real painters.

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Hi! Could you please provide a telegram handle so we can contact your project