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Alenka Coin :star2: | The Sweetest Meme Coin on TON :chocolate_bar:

Welcome to Alenka Coin, the sweetest meme coin on the TON blockchain! Inspired by Alena, Alenka Coin is a fun, community-driven cryptocurrency that aims to bring joy and engagement to the world of crypto. Powered by the TON blockchain, Alenka Coin combines the playful spirit of meme coins with the robust technology of TON to create a unique and vibrant ecosystem.

Key Features:

  1. Community-Driven: Alenka Coin thrives on the enthusiasm of its community, welcoming everyone to shape its future.
  2. Powered by TON: Benefit from high-speed transactions, security, and scalability with the TON blockchain.
  3. Fun and Engaging: Embrace the light-hearted nature of meme culture for a lively and entertaining crypto experience.

Future Plans:

  1. AI-Powered News Bot: Stay updated with the latest crypto news through our AI-powered bot.
  2. Crypto Education for Beginners: Our AI bot will provide educational resources to help newcomers navigate the crypto space.
  3. Promotion of Other Projects: Our bot will also help promote other promising projects within the crypto community.

Additionally, we have applied to create a DAO to further decentralize and empower our community.

Join us on this exciting journey with Alenka Coin! Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to be a part of something special.

  • Please provide detailed information on your token distribution, especially indicating the % of token supply held by the team and the status of the team’s LP tokens

Project tokenomics: 50% in liquidity, 50% with holders, LP burned.

  • Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

Alenka Coin Roadmap: Next 6-12 Months

Month 1-2: Initial Launch

  • Community Building: Engage with early adopters and grow the Alenka Coin community through social media and events.
  • Liquidity Setup: Allocate 50% of tokens to liquidity and ensure LP tokens are burned.

Month 3-4: NFT Collection Launch

  • NFT Collection: Launch an exclusive collection of NFTs inspired by Alenka, available for purchase with Alenka Coin.
  • Marketing Campaign: Promote the NFT collection through various channels to drive interest and engagement.

Month 5-6: AI Bot Development

  • AI-Powered News Bot: Develop and launch the AI bot that will provide the latest cryptocurrency news and updates.
  • Education Module: Integrate educational resources into the AI bot to help beginners learn about crypto.

Month 7-8: DAO Application and Implementation

  • DAO Setup: Finalize the application for creating a DAO to further decentralize and empower the Alenka Coin community.
  • Community Governance: Introduce community voting on key project decisions through the DAO.

Month 9-10: AI Bot Enhancement

  • Promotion Features: Enable the AI bot to promote other crypto projects, with promotion fees payable in Alenka Coin.
  • User Feedback: Collect and implement feedback from users to improve the AI bot’s functionality and user experience.

Month 11-12: Expansion and Growth

  • Global Outreach: Expand the Alenka Coin community globally through targeted marketing and partnerships.
  • Partnerships: Form strategic partnerships with other projects and platforms to enhance the ecosystem and utility of Alenka Coin.


This roadmap outlines the strategic steps Alenka Coin will take over the next 6-12 months to build a strong, engaged community, launch innovative features, and establish a decentralized governance structure. Stay tuned for exciting updates and developments!

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That sounds interesting and promising
Something new and educational.
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