AI-based ALPM (Automated Liquidity Pool Management) service on the TON Network

  • Project’s Name: AI-based Automated Liquidity Pool Management Service on the TON Network

  • Project’s Website:

    The homepage currently under development

  • Project’s Telegram channel/group: Telegram: Contact @officialbbg

  • DeFi Protocol Name: BBG Swap

  • DeFi Protocol Details: ALPM is an automated solution for liquidity providers and service users that does not operate separate pools.

    The following is a basic overview of the ALPM service and a description of the service.

    :goal_net: Vision
    BBG AI-based ALPM (Automated Liquidity Pool Management) service aims to maximize user convenience through Telegram bots, provide efficient liquidity management and security, and strengthen the TON ecosystem for sustainable growth as an innovative platform.

    :telescope: Purpose
    By implementing BBG’s AI-based ALPM service, the TON ecosystem will gain high trust and participation from users, activate liquidity provision, and stimulate the overall network’s economic vitality and sustainable growth.

    :paperclip: Service Features

    ALPM Algorithm

    Advanced Liquidity Management
    BBG uses an AI-based automated liquidity pool management system to analyze market data on the TON network in real-time and manage liquidity efficiently. This enables the execution of optimal liquidity provision strategies on the TON blockchain, allowing users to manage assets more effectively. Additionally, Telegram bots enhance user experience by providing easy access.

    Maximizing Fee Revenue
    The service is designed to maximize transaction fee revenue for liquidity providers on the TON network. By supplying liquidity on the TON blockchain, users can achieve high returns without additional management. The service is user-friendly, as users can easily monitor and manage liquidity pool status via Telegram bots.

    Optimal Liquidity Pool Recommendation
    By analyzing various TON decentralized exchanges(DEXs), the service recommends the most advantageous DEX for providing liquidity. This helps liquidity providers on the TON blockchain allocate assets most efficiently, maximizing returns. Real-time optimal liquidity pool recommendations are easily accessible through Telegram bots, enhancing user convenience.

    Concentrated Liquidity Provision
    The service ensures low slippage and a stable trading experience by providing concentrated liquidity on the TON network. This reduces transaction costs on the TON blockchain and improves user satisfaction. The use of models like Uniswap V3 for concentrated liquidity provision ensures lower slippage and stable trades. Users can easily manage liquidity provision through Telegram bots, increasing accessibility.

    Continuous Income Opportunities
    Collaborating with other TON DeFi protocols, the service provides continuous income opportunities for liquidity providers on the TON blockchain. This allows users to expect stable long-term returns on the TON network. Offering additional incentives for providing liquidity increases user participation, with easy access through Telegram further encouraging engagement.

    Next-Level Liquidity Utilization
    The service introduces features that allow liquidity to be used as collateral for additional loans on the TON network, enabling liquidity providers to generate greater returns on the TON blockchain. This expands the rewards from merely transaction fees to additional returns through collateral loans. These services are easily accessible via Telegram bots, allowing for quick utilization.

    Providing a Safe and Transparent Trading Environment
    Utilizing the TON network’s on-chain protocols and smart contracts, the service guarantees transaction transparency and security. This ensures that liquidity providers on the TON blockchain can trade in a trusted environment and protect their assets. Transparency in trading processes is maintained through Telegram bots, enabling users to monitor and access services easily.

  • Your name: Keven LEE, Chris LIM

  • Your Telegram handle: @CK_Kevin, @sir82dad

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