Advancements in Decentralized Web Navigation: An Examination of TON DNS and Domain System

The Open Network (TON) introduces an innovative approach to web navigation with its TON DNS service, which translates human-readable domain names into various network addresses within the TON ecosystem. This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the TON DNS system, its underlying standards, available software development kits (SDKs), and the structure of domain name management within the TON blockchain. We further explore the significance of *.ton domains, their implementation, and the processes involved in managing subdomains, highlighting the decentralized nature and flexibility of TON’s domain name system.

TON DNS: A Comprehensive Overview

TON DNS offers a decentralized solution for resolving domain names into TON Smart Contract Addresses, ADNL Addresses, and other service addresses running on the TON Network. This functionality is crucial for enhancing user experience by allowing easy access to TON Sites and services through memorable domain names instead of cryptographic addresses.

Technical Standards and SDK Support

The TON DNS system operates based on a well-defined standard outlined in TON DNS Standard, which specifies the domain name format, resolution process, DNS smart contract interfaces, and DNS record formats. Developers can interact with TON DNS through JavaScript SDKs such as TonWeb and TonLib, which facilitate domain resolution and address retrieval directly within applications.

Domain Structure and Management

Component Description
First-level Domain Restricted to .ton suffixes, managed by a root DNS smart contract. The system is open to future expansion through network consensus and contract modifications.
*.ton Domains Implemented as NFTs, allowing for compatibility with NFT services and wallets. Domains are acquired through decentralized auctions, with ownership secured on the blockchain.
Subdomains Managed by domain owners through smart contracts specified in DNS records. This allows for flexible creation and assignment of subdomains within the owner’s domain.

Decentralized Auctions and Domain Ownership

The primary sale of *.ton domains occurs via decentralized auctions at, ensuring a transparent and fair process for acquiring domain names. This mechanism supports the broader vision of a decentralized web, where domain ownership and management are governed by the community rather than centralized authorities.

Subdomain Flexibility

Owners of *.ton domains have the capability to create subdomains by assigning smart contracts responsible for their resolution. This feature exemplifies the decentralized and customizable nature of the TON DNS system, allowing domain owners to extend their domain hierarchy as needed.


The TON DNS system represents a significant step forward in the development of a decentralized web. By providing a robust framework for domain name resolution and management within the TON ecosystem, it not only simplifies user access to blockchain-based services but also enhances the security and autonomy of online identities. Through the implementation of *.ton domains as NFTs and the provision for subdomain creation, TON DNS offers a flexible, secure, and user-friendly approach to web navigation in the blockchain era. This system paves the way for further innovations in decentralized domain name services, potentially influencing the broader landscape of internet technology.

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