About the Token & Memecoin Battle: Minor League category

Token & Memecoin Battle: Minor League

The Minor League is reserved for TON projects with tokens only.

To apply, you need to create a new topic in this category.

Any project that complies with the below-described criteria can apply to join the competition:

  1. Exchange listing of the token occured at least 3 days before the start of the season (snapshot time)

  2. Token TVL on DEXs > $100,000 (note that your token TVL is meant here, not the TVL of the entire pool)

  3. FDV > $1M

  4. Unique token holders > 1,000

  5. Fair token distribution (information on tokenomics and team wallet addresses to be necessarily provided)

  6. Team with untinged track record & relevant expertise

  7. Clear roadmap

Please note that the presented criteria are approximative and can be changed throughout the program.

Applications for the current season close 7 days before the end of the season. The projects that did not apply to join before that date are welcome to make a submission for the next season.

Upon the successful submission, please wait for The Open League Committee to process your application and get back with the decision.


Who doesn’t love a good war game? Create your team based on local players only, battling teams in the same or similar locations. Use TON to purchase better weaponry, armor; shields for your base, etc. Each winning team moves wins the TON used by the opposing team and moves up the ladder to the next battle. Let’s bloody the fields of TON for fun!


one of the bigest project ever soon to the moon

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i have much to say about shitcoins soon to the moon.


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