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WEB: babyton.pro

here the chart:


We pay DexScreener.

We renounced contract
We locked the marketing wallet for weeks

$BABYTON Narrative

The captain (Pavel Durov) arrived :rocket: and embarked on a journey to a new universe :milky_way:, enthusiastic about freedom of expression :speaking_head: and the free internet :globe_with_meridians:, he felt the urge to communicate freely. Passionate about his ideas :bulb:… he created Telegram Open Network, which would be the beginning of TONCOIN, now run by the community (as it should be, free). The captain didn’t arrive alone… he arrived with his pet, a cute Husky :dog:. From here, many brothers were born who will accompany us on this journey. And as we can’t miss someone to impart all the teachings of the great masters (TON), BABYTON was born :baby:, the exemplary son of TON (who loves animals -wink- :wink:). BABYTON is a laughing baby :joy: who dreams of being an astronaut :man_astronaut: and traveling to the Moon :full_moon: and then to Jupiter… (Yes, at 2 months old!) He wants to create his own spacecraft :rocket:! Let’s accompany BABYTON on his journey through the free internet." :globe_with_meridians::dizzy::rocket:

We are a team of TON enthusiasts who have launched BABYTON, a token whose purpose is placed in a deep segment, thinking in an ecosystem integrated to the TON network babyton understands the importance of creating strategic forces to empower our network. We want to create an ecosystem where BABYTON will be its main token. Along with this we intend to create NTF’s that will support the liquidity of the token creating a robust base.


BabyTon look so Bullish First One on Ton

Look very bullish! I m in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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