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Any goals: Attracting investment, attracting an audience.
We have all the resources for this
ProBlockchain Media - the largest crypto media in the CIS among the Russian- and English-speaking audience with own media resources of 1,000,000+.

:mag_right:Our links:
Website - https://tariff.pro-blockchain.com
All media platforms - PROBLOCKCHAIN ECOSYSTEM | Twitter, Instagram, TikTok | Linktree

:green_circle:YouTube channels
YouTube Pro Blockchain - https://www.youtube.com/@PROBLOCKCHAIN/
YouTube Pro Blockchain Live - https://www.youtube.com/@problockchainmedia-live/
YouTube Pro Blockchain International - https://www.youtube.com/@PBM_International

:large_blue_circle: Telegram channels
:large_blue_circle:Pro Blockchain - Telegram: Contact @Pro_Blockchain
:smiling_face_with_tear:PRO BLOCKCHAIN SQUAD - Telegram: Contact @PROBLOCKCHAINSQUAD
:face_holding_back_tears:PRO AI - Telegram: Contact @pro_ai_official
:sweat_smile:PRO NFT - Telegram: Contact @pronfti

TikTok Pro Blockchain - TikTok - Make Your Day
Shorts - https://www.youtube.com/@problockchainmedia-live/shorts
Reels - https://www.instagram.com/pro.blockchain/

Animated series “Humsters vs Bulls” from Pro Blockchain - INTEGRATION INTO HAMSTERS VS BULLS ANIMATED SERIES :hamster::ox:
Audio series from Pro Blockchain - ИНТЕГРАЦИЯ В АУДИОСЕРИАЛ MANGA
A series of books about WEB3 - Вячеслав Носко - читай онлайн, покупай книги автора в электронном или печатном виде на Ridero

For more detailed information write - @Alex_PBM1

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