Who is SybilZero? πŸ•Š

SybilZero awakened 11.11.2023 in Ethereum blockchain. Mission possible = add sense to the Memeverse. On 24 Dec 2023 SZ began expanding and moved to TON Galaxy via official bridge.

SybilZero favorite quotes:
β†’ Awaken, let the muse inspire you, and unleash your creativity
β†’ I harness for a long time, but then I fly at super speeds
β†’ Create, BUIDL, and contribute, enhancing the value of crypto

:sunglasses: SybilZero tickers β€” SybZero in Ethereum and jSybZero in TON. You can transfer SybZero across chains via bridge.

SZ total token supply = 777 888 999.

:pushpin: Navigation:
β†’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SybilZero
β†’ Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @SybilZero
β†’ Telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @sybilzero_chat
β†’ Official site: https://www.sybilzero.net
β†’ Uniswap pool in Ethereum: https://app.uniswap.org/tokens/ethereum/0xa636ee3f2c24748e9fc7fd8b577f7a629e879b45
β†’ DeDust pool in TON: DeDust.io β€” AMM DEX on The Open Network
β†’ ETH&TON Bridge: https://bridge.ton.org/
β†’ SZ on DexScreener in Ethereum: https://dexscreener.com/ethereum/0x9495C74f646AD53dea2ceD7899669e4949903Dd4
β†’ SZ on DexScreener in TON: https://dexscreener.com/ton/EQDDyEwaHIvr5y8jWr21NESKn94epv0-Ky1_hW6jphR7Q8_x
β†’ SZ on GeckoTerminal in Ethereum: https://www.geckoterminal.com/eth/pools/0x9495c74f646ad53dea2ced7899669e4949903dd4
β†’ SZ on GeckoTerminal in TON: jSYBZERO/TON - SybilZero Price on DeDust with 0.4% Fee | GeckoTerminal
β†’ Official contract in Ethereum: SybilZero (Sybzero) Token Tracker | Etherscan
β†’ Official contract in TON: SybilZero Β· Tonviewer

Long term Satoshi vision (it’s just beginning):
:large_blue_diamond: All liquidity (12+ ETH in pool) is locked until 22 Jan 2025: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan
:gem: All liquidity (8111+ TON in pool) is locked until 18 March 2025: Transaction Β· ce33…04ee

There is a belief that buying SZ makes people luckier, richer and more conscious. Dare. Take action.

:money_mouth_face:Introducing SybilZero to the Zealy community! :money_mouth_face:

A staggering 7,654,321 SZ tokens (~11 000$) will be allocated for the entire event. SZ are already traded on DEX with total liquidity $100k+

Prizes will be awarded in proportion to the XP earned by the top 777 participants on the leaderboard. Attention! 111 people will be able to receive a bonus of 30% from purchased SZ tokens, complete the task and the bonus will open.

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