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Total Register Users: 10000+
Total premium players: 1500+
Daily Active Users: 3000+
Retention D1: 52% D7:30% D14:25%
Total Telegram Channel followers: 8k+
Total Twitter followers: 13k+

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:anger:Wheel of Fate is a cutting-edge multiplayer miniapp game incubated by ICC Camp. Featuring a unique DN404 gameplay style, introducing DN404 as the main game asset to increase token liquidity in an innovative and sustainable way.

Wheel of Fate is built on the Blast and Ton chain, aiming to drive the crypto mass adoption by seamlessly integrating the vibrant #Blast and #TON ecosystems with an engaging gaming experience.

Official link:
:video_game:Game Bot: Telegram: Contact @WheelofFateOfficial_Bot

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