VKontakte - 1st Durov company, #1 app in Russia with 100M users and Facebook of Russia

VKontakte (VK)



Very early and bullish chart VK/TON - VKontakte Price on Ston.fi | GeckoTerminal

Telegram: Contact @VKontakteTON_Official

Very bullish narrative and still very early now. Can reach millions!

VKontakte is Russia’s number #1 social media app

:fire: VK is Durov’s 1st company :fire:

:fire: VK has 100 million Russian users :fire:

:fire: Vitalik is Russian :fire:

Next #Plane and #REDO. Catching up and multi-millions soon

LP 100% burnt

Next big narrative on TON is VK! Remember Grok on ETH that got $200 million MC? That is our target! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Best team ever on $VK!

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Thank you for supporting. VK millions soon. Narrative too strong and will be next REDO

Good product :100: VK VKontakte 1 million

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Thank you. VK strong community and bullish narrative! 1st durov company

Hello VK team,

Thank you for taking the time to apply for The Open League Season #1.

After a thorough review, we must inform you that, unfortunately, your token does not meet our current eligibility criteria. You can find them through this link.

Once your token aligns with these criteria, please feel free to resubmit your application for the future seasons.

We look forward to seeing your application again in the future.

Thank you.