Thunder Finance - Not only farming, and Social Features Coming Soon!

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    Thunder Finance Phase 2

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    Telegram: Contact @Thunder_Finance

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    • UAW: 81
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    • Number of tx for the last month: 1824
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    Alan Hsu

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    In Phase One of Thunder Finance, we successfully showcased our yield farming product to everyone. But farming alone isn’t enough! In Phase Two, we’re thrilled to announce the grand launch of our token fairlaunch. This incredible event combines the best of web2 and web3, ensuring that even users without a web3 wallet can join in the fun!

    Thunder Finance is not just a comprehensive token fair launch platform; it’s a gateway to innovative fundraising, fan engagement, and community projects. With its unique boost mechanism and leveling system, even users without wallets can join in and experience the excitement. Positioned at the intersection of traffic and DeFi infrastructure within the TON ecosystem, Thunder Finance is set to revolutionize the digital wave, making participation accessible and rewarding for everyone.

    Phase 2 onboarding snapshot, stay tuned!

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