TGRAM The TG20 and Guesser Token

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    -$Tgram token is a utility token in TG20 ecosystem. For now, it’s used in Guesser app - prediction market platform on Telegram.

  • [Please provide detailed information on your token distribution, especially indicating the % of token supply held by the team and the status of the team’s LP tokens]

All tokens were distributed on fair launch. TGram team doesn’t hold any token.

  • 1 $Tgram CEX listings.
    2 $Tgram being served as utility token in TG20’s mini-app applications like Guesser - enabling users to make predictions with $tgram on prediction market platform
    3 Building utility with $Tgram in TG multi-chain telegram mini-app wallet & reward user interactions with TG wallet like doing swap / using TG Wallet to interact with DApps / mini-apps

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