TELEGRAM MONK - $TMONK Season 1 Minor League Application


Please describe your project and token utility

  • CA: EQBikuxOnMkU4XNSVGQCbg46lk5d8vuhzDQtcDOJOcjaIvkV
  • FOUNDING DATE: 28/01/2024 :spiral_calendar:
  • ATH: $259k
  • HOLDERS: 496
  • LP: 100% BURN

TMONK draws inspiration from Pavel Durov’s vision, aiming to pioneer change within the TON ecosystem. TMONK is more than just a meme. We aim to become the first project dedicated to crowdfunding and donations on the TON network.


At the moment, we are developing a dense network of partnerships and collaborations with numerous projects within the TON ecosystem, ranging from meme projects to utility projects. We firmly believe that collaboration among projects, mutual support, and cohesion can only benefit the entire TON ecosystem. We provide all our partners with the opportunity to showcase their projects and to receive assistance for any needs directly from us or from our collaborators within our network (development, marketing, graphics, etc.). The TON network is unique because projects do not compete or engage in warfare; instead, they collaborate and cooperate to create something innovative together. For this reason, we have placed our focus entirely on this network.


We can make a positive impact in the world beyond the blockchain, thanks to it. We have chosen TON and TELEGRAM to reach millions of people due to the ease of use, speed, and simplicity of the network. We have already made two donations to Save The Children. During the donation process, we noticed the impossibility of using TON as a method to make donations. For this reason, we have held several meetings with this foundation to help them implement their service with our beloved TON network. We have formed a lifelong partnership with our ambassador, Jeribond.ton, who has worked in the social sector for years and is an influential figure within the TON ecosystem.

But all of this is just the beginning…

Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

The goal for the coming months is clear and well-defined:

  • Increase the number of our collaborations with other projects and influential individuals within the TON ecosystem;
  • Establish significant partnerships with neutral charitable organizations and foundations worldwide;
  • Organize large-scale fundraisers for well-defined and public foundations and organizations with the help of all our partners, our incredible community, and our ambassador;
  • Launch our web app to collect funds on specific wallets of various foundations/ associations/ organizations.
  • Forge partnerships with artists in various fields to create specific NFT collections to be auctioned, with proceeds fully donated to charity;
  • Become a point of reference in our field for the entire TON ecosystem;
  • Launch our merchandise, with proceeds donated to foundations/associations/organizations.

The things listed above are the important matters we are working on, but also getting listed on major platforms is among the things we are and will be doing in the coming months.

Project’s Twitter

Link to the token’s page on re:doubt and/or DYOR

We sent the request today, April 3rd, 2024. We will provide an update as soon as it is available.

Link to the token’s page on Coinmarketcap (if your token is not listed there, write n/a)

We submitted the request on April 1st, 2024, request number 884465.

Link to the token’s page on Coingecko (if your token is not listed there, write n/a)

We submitted the request on March 11th, 2024. Request ID CL1103240062

Your name

will be rich $TMONK

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Any other links or details that you want to share

Official Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Tg_Monk
Patnership Telegram: Telegram: Contact @CryptoSharingHub
Official Twitter:
Partnership Twitter:
Whitepaper V.1: Monkpaper - TMONK
Medium: Telegram Monk – Medium
Email: [email protected]

By submitting the form I confirm that the data I provided is correct and I fully understand that in case of the contrary, my project will be permanently eliminated from The Open League.


This is how you build something in the space! Facts.


Best project on TON. TMONK sees a bright future

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Amazing TMONK, innovation, crowdfunding, charity this project is amazing. Congrats


Great Project for Ton ecosystem growth


Great $TMONK, crowfounding, charity and meme all in One Coin!!!


$TMONK, the compassionate guardian within the Ton Chain ecosystem, extends a helping hand to guide and empower small-scale projects, fostering their journey towards triumph and accomplishment.

My project BANANA FOR SCALE supports our TMONK friends!

may the monk be with you

banana thanks and good luck


What we are doing is what wish telegram and tonchain.
We want build a really bridge between all the project, where with mutual help, respect and sharing we can help the grew of ton ecosystem.
We also think that charity is an aspect very important of our life.
And for this we have to do something of real big for who needed.
Trust us
Crowfunding, charity, and more others are our big deals.
Help and trust us to to build all this

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Amazing, the best project on ton network. Love charity and crowdfunding


Amazing project TMONK i love the charity.

Not Floki Ton support TMonk

I like this project very much!

Not just a memecoin. A project with purpose.

Hello TMONK team,

Thank you for taking the time to apply for The Open League Season #1.

After a thorough review, we must inform you that, unfortunately, your product’s traction does not meet our current eligibility criteria. You can find these criteria through this link.

Once the criteria are met from your side, please feel free to resubmit your application for the future seasons.

We look forward to seeing your application again in the future.

Thank you!