Oggy Inu on TON Not just a MEME






Your Telegram handle (@kaihails)

website:- https://oggyinuton.xyz/

Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/oggy_inu_on_ton

OGGY Inu is a memecoin with a mission. Our plan is to assist other new TON chain projects in getting the support they need to make it in the thriving TON ecosystem. We are also building out a suite of tg bot’s that will solve common telegram group issues, whilst generating a stream of income that will help us grow our own project. Our end game is to create something that will truly embody the TON vision of bringing crypto to everyone and strengthen web2 - web3 integration via a unique, ambitious and entertaining utility…

By submitting the form I confirm that the data I provided is correct and I fully understand that in case of the contrary, my project will be permanently eliminated from The Open League.


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Love this project!
Such a hardworking, passionate and ambitious team! Can’t wait to see everything in the pipeline unfold!
Big ideas being built as we speak!

Мне понравилось ваша подаче. Я сделал у себя рекламы вашей монеты.

Ссылка где реклама на 5 тыс человек.

С добром :globe_with_meridians: toncoin-splinter.ton


Ps… Не откажусь от ваших монет.

Hello Oggy Inu,

Thank you for taking the time to apply for The Open League Season #1.

After a thorough review, we must inform you that, unfortunately, your token does not meet our current eligibility criteria. You can find them through this link.

Once your token aligns with these criteria, please feel free to resubmit your application for the future seasons.

We look forward to seeing your application again in the future.

Thank you.

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