Mastering TONalytica: Navigating TON Blockchain Analytics

Discover the capabilities of TONalytica, the premier web-based analytics platform dedicated to the TON blockchain. TONalytica revolutionizes the way users, developers, and researchers interact with blockchain data by providing advanced tools for querying, analyzing, and visualizing information across the TON ecosystem. This guide serves as an essential resource for harnessing the full potential of TONalytica, from basic queries to the creation of comprehensive dashboards.

Key Features of TONalytica

TONalytica stands out for its user-friendly query editor, extensive visualization options, and seamless collaboration features. Below is a quick overview of its standout features:

  • Query Editor: Utilize natural syntax for writing queries, enhanced by live auto-complete and keyboard shortcuts. This editor supports the creation of snippets for commonly used elements, ensuring efficient data analysis.
  • Visualization Tools: Transform your data into insightful visuals, including charts, pivot tables, boxplots, and more, enabling the creation of dynamic dashboards for a wide array of data stories.
  • Collaboration: Share your findings with ease, whether within your team or with external partners. TONalytica allows for dashboard sharing through URLs or embedding widgets to disseminate data effectively.

Visualization Capabilities

TONalytica’s visualization suite is comprehensive, catering to a variety of analytical needs. Here’s a summary of the available visualization types:

Visualization Type Description
Charts (Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Scatter) Diverse charting options for trend analysis and data distribution
Boxplot Statistical overview highlighting data quartiles and outliers
Cohort Analysis of segmented data over time
Sunburst Hierarchical data presentation in a multi-level pie chart
Word Cloud Visual representation of text data, emphasizing frequency
Sankey Flow diagram showcasing the movement of data between different entities
Map Geographical data visualization
Counter Simple, impactful numerical data representation
Pivot Table Data summarization tool that sorts, counts, and totals data
Funnel Conversion data visualization through stages

Getting Started with TONalytica

To jumpstart your TONalytica journey, explore the following resources:

  • Quickstart Guide: A beginner-friendly introduction to setting up and navigating TONalytica.
  • User Guide: Detailed documentation covering all aspects of TONalytica, including advanced features and use cases.
  • Query Examples: Practical examples to illustrate how to leverage TONalytica for complex data analysis tasks.


This comprehensive guide and the development of TONalytica have been made possible through the support of the TON community, particularly highlighted by TON Footstep #287. As the TON ecosystem continues to grow, tools like TONalytica are pivotal in unlocking the blockchain’s full potential for developers, researchers, and enthusiasts alike.

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By leveraging TONalytica’s robust analytics and visualization tools, users can gain unprecedented insights into TON blockchain data, fostering a deeper understanding and facilitating informed decision-making within the TON ecosystem.