$MARIO marioonton.com


Mario on TON

Website: https://marioonton.com

X: https://x.com/marioonton

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @marioonton

Telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @marioonton

Mario’s story begins with a post in the famous insider channel @ruton, he was seen in a screenshot of a new wallet, which is apparently related to Telegram.

Inspired by the ancestor of the $GRAM, Mario wants

to become one of the brightest meme on TON blockchain by jumping over obstacles just like in the game!

Dexscreener: https://dexscreener.com/ton/eqckn13rybylqfxcss6i3s5hzz_rhw3_fvv3qr9xvn_wismt

Geckoterminal: MARIO/TON - цена MARIO на бирже DeDust с комиссией 0.4% | GeckoTerminal

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