Fun Worlds—A community-driven Web3 gaming platform, Game Hub endows ERC20 tokens with gaming utility, allowing users to earn diversified token rewards


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Project Website: Fun Worlds Game
Whitepaper: Welcome | Fun Worlds

Game Hub


The Fun Worlds Game Hub is a pioneering protocol within the Fun Worlds ecosystem, designed to seamlessly integrate external ERC-20 tokens into a cohesive gaming environment. This protocol serves as a gateway, enabling token holders to utilize their assets across a multitude of gaming experiences, creating a symbiotic relationship between token issuers, gamers, community leaders, and game developers. By leveraging smart contract technology, the Game Hub ensures a fair, transparent, and equitable distribution of revenue, fostering a thriving, decentralized gaming community.


The advent of blockchain technology has revolutionized the concept of digital ownership and value exchange. Fun Worlds, as a cutting-edge platform, introduces the Game Hub protocol - a nexus of gaming and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) that empowers participants with true ownership and incentivizes contributions through a sustainable revenue-sharing model.

Game Hub Protocol Mechanics

Token Integration

ERC-20 token issuers can integrate their tokens with the Game Hub protocol, allowing these assets to be actively used within the Fun Worlds gaming experiences. This integration provides tokens with enhanced utility, driving their circulation and value within the ecosystem.

Gaming Participation and Incentives

Gamers utilize integrated tokens to engage in various activities, including PvP battles, tournaments, and other in-game transactions. This engagement is incentivized through a transparent revenue-sharing model, where a portion of the transaction fees contribute to the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability.

Revenue Generation and Distribution

The Game Hub protocol generates revenue through transaction fees derived from in-game activities. These fees are automatically allocated by smart contracts, ensuring an immutable and transparent distribution process.

Staking Mechanism

Stakeholders, including gamers, community leaders, and developers, can stake native ‘Gemstones’ within the Game Hub protocol. The staked assets entitle holders to a share of the accumulated transaction fees, aligning their interests with the long-term success of the platform.

Governance Participation

Stakers may also receive governance rights, allowing them to participate in critical decisions regarding the protocol’s development, fee structures, and new game integrations.

Security and Transparency

All processes within the Game Hub protocol are executed through auditable smart contracts on the blockchain. This ensures the security of assets and the integrity of the revenue-sharing model.

Sustainability and Growth

The Game Hub’s design promotes sustained user engagement and ecosystem growth. By providing tangible economic benefits for participation and contribution, the protocol aims to maintain a vibrant and active community.

Openness of Game Hub

One of the key attributes of Game Hub is its openness, which is reflected in the following aspects:

  • Third-Party Game Integration: Game developers have the opportunity to plug their games into Game Hub, leveraging its built-in player base and token economy without the need to establish their own.

  • Token Integration: Game Hub supports a variety of ERC-20 tokens, offering flexible payment and reward options for different games and platforms.

  • Governance Voting: Holders of FUNW and Gems can participate in governance voting to decide which new games or tokens can be integrated into Game Hub.


The Fun Worlds Game Hub protocol represents an innovative convergence of gaming and blockchain technology. By fostering a decentralized and incentivized ecosystem, it aims to redefine the gaming landscape, providing a model for fair and transparent revenue sharing. Through this protocol, Fun Worlds envisions a future where all stakeholders are empowered to contribute to and benefit from the platform’s success.

The first batch of NFTs is about to sell out.Under the revolutionary wave of Web3, we are witnessing the birth of a new digital social paradigm. Fun Worlds is a key player in this transformation, committed to merging social gaming with decentralized finance (DeFi) to create a unique GameFi ecosystem. This is a community-driven, reward-rich virtual space that allows players to enjoy real value creation while being entertained.

Our vision is to provide a platform through Web3 technology that includes not only gaming elements but also integrates social interaction and financial empowerment. Fun Worlds is an open digital world where players can freely explore, communicate, collaborate, and even participate in ecosystem governance. Every participant is a part of this ecosystem, and every interaction contributes to the whole system.

Here, we value the smoothness and accessibility of the player experience. To this end, we have optimized the network infrastructure to ensure that transaction speeds and costs meet the community’s needs. Fun Worlds’ technology choices allow us to maintain decentralization while providing a first-class gaming experience to players.

Fun Worlds is more than a game; it is a community, a land of opportunity. It is a platform where players can enjoy the fun of gaming while participating in a potential financial market. In this social gaming world, every player has the opportunity to become a creator, explorer, and leader.

We invite you to join Fun Worlds, to usher in an era of innovation, interaction, and value creation in Web3 gaming. Let us witness the new chapter of social gaming in the decentralized era together.