Empowering the Next-Generation Internet: A Deep Dive into TON's Decentralized Network, Sites, and Proxy


The TON (Telegram Open Network) project emerges as a pioneering force in the blockchain and network technology landscape, transcending traditional blockchain functionalities to introduce a new generation of internet. This paper examines the unique aspects of TON, including its decentralized network, TON Sites, and TON Proxy, comparing these innovations to current internet and blockchain technologies. Through a comprehensive analysis, we highlight how TON’s integrated solutions offer a secure, private, and decentralized alternative to the conventional internet and domain name systems.

1. Introduction

The TON project, initiated by the TON Foundation on September 29, 2022, represents a significant leap beyond typical blockchain endeavors, introducing a fully decentralized, secure, and private computer network. This network, akin to TOR and the I2P (Invisible Internet Project), is deeply integrated with the TON blockchain, the native Toncoin cryptocurrency, and various TON services, creating a synergistic ecosystem that propels network technology forward.

2. The TON Network: An Overview

The TON network is distinguished by its decentralized nature, stability, anonymity, and encrypted communication, utilizing both UDP/IP and TCP/IP internet protocols. These attributes ensure that the network remains functional and secure, even as nodes become offline or face attempts to compromise their anonymity. A detailed technical explanation of these protocols can be found in The Open Network’s white paper, particularly in Chapter 3.

3. TON Sites and TON DNS

TON Sites enable web servers to be launched and made accessible within the TON network, leveraging mandatory encryption and data authenticity verification without the need for traditional certification authorities. This section contrasts the TON approach with the conventional internet’s reliance on HTTPS and the flaws inherent in the existing certification authority system. Additionally, TON Sites eliminate the need for centralized domain name registries, instead using TON DNS for a fully decentralized domain system.

4. TON WWW and TON Proxy

This section introduces TON WWW as a collection of web pages and services on TON, accessible through TON crypto wallets and web browsers, facilitated by TON Proxy. TON Proxy serves as an entry point to the TON network, compatible with HTTP Proxy for seamless browser integration. This innovative approach allows users to access “.ton” sites directly, bypassing the need for traditional domain name systems and enhancing user privacy and security.

5. Comparative Analysis

Feature Conventional Internet TON Network
Decentralization Centralized servers Peer-to-peer network
Anonymity IP addresses traceable Anonymous nodes
Encryption Optional (HTTPS) Mandatory encryption
Domain System Centralized registries Decentralized (TON DNS)
User Authentication Email/Password Crypto wallet-based

6. Future Directions: TON Proxy 2.0 and 3.0

Looking forward, the TON project aims to introduce TON Proxy 2.0 and 3.0, focusing on enhancing privacy through intermediary proxy nodes and decentralized finance mechanisms for intermediary TON Proxies. These updates promise to provide full anonymity within the TON network and incentivize the support of the network through a decentralized Toncoin economy.

7. Conclusion

The TON project’s innovative approach to network technology, domain name systems, and internet privacy presents a compelling alternative to the current internet infrastructure. By leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized systems, TON aims to address the privacy, security, and centralization issues plaguing the modern internet. As TON continues to evolve, it holds the potential to redefine internet and blockchain technologies, offering a more secure, private, and user-friendly experience.


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