[DeFi] DEX Screener by TONPlanets Mars

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DEX Screener from TONPlanets Mars Ecosystem

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DEX Screener with unic features internaly developed by the team and available for everyone.

Automatic identification of the best price between DeDust and Stonfi.
Watchlist to follow favorite tokens.
A clear chart with entry and exit points for each coin.
The ability to create direct links to any coins.
Online screener of all trading transactions with filtres incl screener of all currently trending tokens on Stonfi and Dedust.
List of all transactions of all traded tokens for the wallet address.
P&L result for the token!

$MARS is the token of the TONPlanets Ecosystem.
Fully integrated in the gaming process as one of the payment methods.

All liquidity of the $MARS token has been locked until 2030

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The best trading terminal I’ve seen on Dex👍

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players on MarsPlanet very good people

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One of the most convenient dex aggregators on Ton

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Hey guys

In the DeFi leaderboard, we expect to see projects with on-chain activity and smart contracts. As far as I can see, this is not your case.

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