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Condoms is an innovative play-to-earn Telegram game revolutionizing the gaming and NFT spaces. The $CONDOMS token fuels our ecosystem, enabling players to earn through gameplay, trade NFTs, and participate in exclusive community events. It also supports our mission against AIDS, with a percentage of proceeds going towards AIDS prevention initiatives.

Please describe your project roadmap for the next 6-12 months

In the coming months, we’ll kick off with our presale phase, aiming to build up a strong foundation for our $CONDOMS token economy. Following that:

  • imagePhase 1: Introduction to the Project: Increase community engagement and awareness around the Condoms project.
  • Phase 2: Presale of $CONDOMS tokens: Launch a presale event to kickstart our ecosystem.
  • Phase 3: DEX Listing: List $CONDOMS tokens on decentralized exchanges for trading.
  • NFT Minting: Release a collection of unique NFTs integral to our gaming experience.
  • Mini-Game Beta Launch: Deploy the beta version of our mini-game, enabling players to start earning.
  • Further Developments: Continue to develop and improve the game experience, integrate with additional platforms, and expand our charitable efforts.

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