About the NFT Battle category

NFT Battle

The NFT Battle is designed to be a competitive arena for the most dynamic and vibrant NFT collections launched on the TON blockchain.

Eligibility criteria to join the NFT Battle:

  • 500+ holders
  • 10K TON total trading volume
  • The NFT collection cannot be part of core protocol mechanics (e.g., farming / LSD)

Candidates apply on the TONResearch portal. Only fully completed and detailed applications will be reviewed. The absence of any necessary information in the application will lead to its automatic rejection.

Applications for the current season close on June 11, 11am UTC. Projects that do not apply by this date are welcome to submit for the next season.

To add new smart contracts for tracking during the season (on top of those provided in the application form), the participants should use this Github repo (link will be added soon). The submission of additional smart contracts closes 5 days before the end of the season.

Upon successful submission, teams should wait for The Open League Committee to process their applications and respond with a decision.

Please note that inclusion in the leaderboard is not guaranteed from day one. Successful submission does not ensure immediate placement on the leaderboard.


What about projects with less than 500 items? shouldn’t it be calculated somehow in how mcuh % of NFTs are in diffrent wallets as it is easier for a project with XXXk NFTs to have 500 holders than for Xkcollection


Поддерживаю выше сказанное. Маленькие коллекции являются важной частью экосистемы и могут не иметь 500 холдеров. Нужно брать соотношение.

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